The World Congress of Diagnostic & Therapeutic Neuroradiology



Audiovisual Equipment (for all the Speakers)

The Speaker Ready Room will operate throughout the duration of the Symposium. It is located on the 1st level near the Blue Hall.
The use of personal laptops for presentations is prohibited. All presentations must be downloaded atthe Speaker Ready Room. One of the purpose of this Symposium is publishing in a protected format (not possible copy or download) the presentations after the event as historical archive. Speakers will be kindly invited to authorize it. Those who are not in favour will have their files immediately cancelled.
The Speaker Ready Room is equipped with:

– A Knowledgeable Attendant
– PCs and Printers for your Use
– Internet Access
– Other Items and Support to Help Achieve Speaker Success

Both main speakers and oral communication speakers are kindly requested to hand in all material of their presentation (pen drive, CD-ROM) at least two hours before their scheduled presentation time. If a presentation is scheduled early in the morning, speakers are kindly requested to check their presentation at the Slide Review Room the day before.

Oral Communication

Sorry, the deadline for abstract submission has expired.

More than 850 abstracts have already received!
Special thanks to all the authors who submitted their papers within the deadline. Their punctuality ensured the definition of an important and reliable framework for the scientific program. The submitted papers span a broad range of diagnostic and therapeutic neuroradiological topics allowing an interesting and significant discussion, to ensure a successful meeting.

The abstracts will be published in The Neuroradiology Journal Proceedings to be distributed at the meeting. In addition the full papers will be published in supplement issues of the Journal, as has been the custom since 1998. 
For this reason all authors who accept this invitation are requested to save their papers and a full set of images on a CD and hand it to the organizers on their arrival in Bologna in October.

Poster Session

Posters will be displayed according to a rotation so that each poster will be exhibited for a total of 3 days (1st group from Monday October 4 to Wednesday October 6; 2nd group from Thursday October 7 to Saturday October 9).

Panels are 1 mt (base) x 2,50 mt (height); they are covered by beige alcantara tissue and recommended fixing material are doubleside tape or strong pins. Material will be provided onsite though authors are requested to fix their poster on the space assigned and dismantle it according to their scheduled group.

Poster Session Set-up/Tear-down Schedule:
Posters will be on display during the Poster Session Hours according to the following schedule: 

Poster Session I (1st Group): Exhibit Hall 2 – from Monday, October 4, 16.00 hrs to Wednesday 17.30 hrs
Poster Set-Up: Monday 4 October 12.00-15.00 hrs.
Poster Tear Down: Wednesday 6 October 17.30-18.30 hrs.

Poster Session II (2nd Group): Exhibit Hall 2 – from Thursday, 7 October, 8.30 hrs to Saturday 9 October 13.00 hrs.

Poster Set-Up: Thursday 7 October 7.30-8.30 hrs.
Poster Tear Down: Saturday 9 October 13.30-14.30 hrs. 


Poster Digital PDF format of the registered presenters can be published on the Symposium website from September 1, 2010!
While ensuring more visibility it allows participants to read them in advance and possibly prepare for a personal meeting with the author in Bologna.

Please send your files to: symposiumneuroradiologicum@aimgroup.ue - within and no later than August 20.

No late submissions will be accepted for technical reasons.